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By combining the buying power of the sports community, I.C.T. Travel is able to offer its sports clients the best in travel benefits, lowest possible airfares, best conditions and prices for hotels, car rentals, and insurances. Benefits we can offer to your team include:

  • Travel packages targeted to specific sports to interesting domestic and international destination
  • Unique travel opportunities for students for cultural exchange and sports events
  • Offering elite teams superior training facilities and accommodation prior to major sporting events, including the Olympics
  • Providing your sports team with local competition in your destination country

We travel the world looking for great new sports facilities - drop by our office to find out more!

  • Air, including chartering of private airplanes

  • Transfers

  • Hotel or special quarters

  • Training centers, including Olympic-standard

  • Insurance

  • Special tours

  • National, provincial, and local sport federations/ organisations

  • University coaches and teams

  • Recreational sports organisations

  • Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American, and Commonwealth Games teams

  • Professional scouts

  • Caribbean (Barbados, Dominican Republic)

  • Mexico

  • Florida

  • Spain, including Palma de Mallorca and the Canary Islands

  • Malaysia

  • Singapore

  • Thailand

Popular sports destinations

Voyages I.C.T. Travel  Montreal Corporate Travel Agency

New sports destinations


  • Andorra

  • Croatia

  • Japan

  • South Korea

Contact Voyages I.C.T. Travel for more details on the sports venues available!


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