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With over 35 years experience in the challenging travel industry, Corrine Chuah has worked hard to provide quality service to her Corporate and Leisure travelers. She has been owner of Voyages I.C.T Travel since 1985 and owner of Magik & Exciting Tours since 1988. Corrine was educated in Malaysia and then spent 5 years in the airline industry with Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong. This has given her the international exposure needed to understand the different cultures and traditions throughout the world. With her life long partner, Eli Daniels, she continues to move the company toward the future with exciting programs and innovative tours!



Vice President

Eli Daniels has over 35 years of experience in the travel industry, having trained often in airfares by Lufthansa Airlines. He is a graduate of McGill University and after school he traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia - building contacts and experience! With his life long partner, Corrine Chuah-Daniels (another industry veteran), they have grown the business from a small independent agency into an experienced and highly successful member of the Ensemble Travel Group. Corrine and Eli continue to grow their business to serve the full range of travel requirements with state-of-the-art equipment and a highly gifted and experienced team. He is also a expert in wine tours - call him to learn about his personally-designed wine tours through France, Spain, or Portugal!



General Manager

With a BA in Geography from Concordia University, Michael knows his way around the globe! Favourite travel spots are Brazil and Peru. A long-time member of the Voyages I.C.T. Travel team, Michael works closely with our corporate clients as well as our sports teams. He speaks a fluent English, French, German, and Romanian.

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